In a nutshell

Storyboard London produce pitch storyboards and animatics to help our clients show, sell and research creative ideas.

The finest professional storyboard artists, retouchers and animators, create high quality storyboards that fly through research and win pitches.

This talent is supported by producers Sophie & George who look after the fine details, allowing the creativity in each storyboard to really flow.




Creating Storyboards

Our process is all about maximising creative flexibility and artist talent to produce storyboards and animatics that sell themselves.

We achieve this level of service by building strong relationships, and communication with our clients, as well as our storyboard artists.

Each storyboard would typically start with a discussion about exactly what's required, scamp storyboards are sketched (often in the same meeting), before a suitable storyboard artist begins.

A full breakdown of our storyboards process can be found here.


Building Animatics

Keeping our animatic production process simple allows us to focus on working with our clients to create the highest grade of test films we can.

Working in a small focused team with extensive experience, allows us to dedicate high calibre talent and state of the art techniques to each animatic.

This gives our clients the confidence that they require to take each animatic into research.


life at storyboard london

Storyboard London is a young company at just over two years old, but is the product of years of experience in the storyboards industry. Find out more about our ethos and history here.

When we're not producing storyboards, we chase our desire to create into other avenues. Design, Fine art, Baking, Typography, to name but a few. Look out for a few of these projects in our news feed and twitter.