How we work

Below is a short explanation of how we prefer to work. While we are always open and flexible to different ways of working, over the years we’ve found the following, the most efficient and informative workflow.




Each storyboard artist brings something different to the project. We suggest choosing a storyboard artist with a loose style in the early stages of concept as this leaves room for interpretation. Some storyboard artists are especially good at certain subjects while others are great at bringing a certain atmosphere. George and Sophie will be able to recommend a selection of storyboard artists that would help bring your project to life if you are unsure.






choosing storyboard artist
scamp storyboard


To start with we like to have a chat through your project to really understand what you need.  From there we’ll create scamps of each frame in the studio. These are very quick drawings to make sure we get content and camera angles correct. These scamps are also a useful tool that we use to brief our storyboard artists.








storyboard line sampe

Line work

For black and white storyboards, the storyboard artist will take the roughs and ink them up to produce a cleaner line with finished details. When a colour storyboard is required, this stage is sometimes skipped to save time, but often we like to provide this stage to make sure we are still on track with the key frames.







storyboard colour sample


Finally the storyboard artist adds colour to each frame and various effects that may be required. It is at this stage that the atmosphere and feel of each frame really comes to life and any branding is added in. 








With versatile artists in the studio, we have the ability to make many amends while the storyboard artist continues to produce new frames. This keeps the work flow flowing while you see the results quicker. We consider amendments a natural part of the creative process at Storyboard London and so have a policy of not charging for amends unless something new has been asked for that wasn’t originally briefed.