Events Visuals

Event visuals require a slightly different approach to storyboards. There are many important elements to include whilst conveying the right atmosphere and tone all in one static image. Storyboard London has curated a selection of events visuals here but with so many different styles and finishes on offer, the best thing to do is get in touch.

Visuals are perfect for showcasing what a proposed event may look like. They are great for demonstrating the look of the physical space as well as the audience reaction and atmosphere at the event. 


Production Process


Brief - An outline of what you are trying to achieve and a rough idea of the areas you want to cover in the image.


Finish - What kind of finish is required, you may prefer to have a loose representation of the idea or a more detailed photo visual. An artist or selection of artists are chosen. 


Layout Approval - A rough layout is drawn up to show the positioning of each element and the viewing angle of each visual. 


Illustration - An artist or designer then builds the image with each element of the illustration, layered for easy adjustment. 


Post production - Further lighting, texture and colour adjustments made, branding placed into the image and adjusted to fit in context correctly.


Approval Process - Work in progress will be sent at each stage of the illustration so that you and your team can provide us, with consolidated feedback on any adjustments required.