Animatics can be complex but they need not be. As with our storyboards, we'll sort out the complexities to ensure as much creative flexibility as possible. All of our storyboard artists have good experience in crafting animatics, and our expert animators are there for guidance from the very start. 



Artist: Natasha

Client: Ogilvy & Mather 

Product: Comfort Pure

Artist: Natasha

Client: Ogilvy & Mather

Product: Comfort Pure

Artist: Ernesto

Client: Grey Health

Product: Seresto Collar for cats and dogs 


Artist: Marcus

Client: Unilever

Product: Vim Bleach

Artist: Rick

Client: Grey London

Product: Corsodyl mouthwash 

Artist: Marcus

Client: McCann Health

Product: Pharmaton




Brief - An initial run through of the script and a discussion of the movements required.


Storyboard Approval - A rough storyboard with animation direction is drawn up. This is designed to show the content of each shot, angles and an animation guide.


Rough guide edit - The rough storyboard is then cut to a guide edit to demonstrate the pace, how well the action is being read and to test how the film performs with a guide VO.


Storyboards - Layered storyboards are drawn up with each moving element as a separate layer and send for approval. 


Voice Over - While the storyboards are drawn up, the selected voice over artist(s) lines are recorded. 


Edit - The storyboards are then animated together and all audio and VFX added.


Approval Process - Work in progress will be sent at each stage of the animatic so that you and your team can provide us with consolidated feedback on any adjustments required. 


Delivery - Once all approved, the final edit will be issued electronically in the format requested.


Animatic add ons 


Storyboard London produce all aspects of animatics, from storyboards to voice overs but often that's not all required. Feel free to talk to us about creating animatic artwork ready for edit. We can often (but not always) match an artist's style, so if an existing storyboard needs to be turned into an animatic or perhaps a shot just needs to be added in, we can help you out.